Okay, you made a gel manicure appointment,now what?  Let me explain the differences between “gel/polish hybrids”and “soft gels”. Shellac is a brand of gel made by CND.  It is a true hybrid gel polish. Made mostly up of polish with a little bit of gel. Other gel “polishes” are made mostly of gel with a little bit of polish. Gelish, OPI color gel, Essie gel, polish etc..are just that. Removal of gel manicure differs greatly depending on what you have on your nails. Shellac, in my opinion, is the most gentle removal. Usually removed  within 5 minutes and no scraping. Other brands, although very good too, have a harder time coming off. Sometimes needing to pre-file beforehand.  All of these will give you the same look with  great shine and durability.  It is always recommended to use a quality cuticle oil during the wear of the manicure.




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