Spring flowers are in bloom, and so are the blondes!  What blonde is best for you? Understanding the trends/techniques you can see now.

Ombre:    A gradual blend of color from dark to light. Could consist of your natural dark root and gradually blend to all over blonde ends.

Balayage:    A technique where the stylist hand paints in a variation of places depending on the look that you both see fit, and how much blonde you’d like to see. Also considered a “lived in” look as Johnny Ramirez puts it. With this technique you have a softer grow out because the highlights don’t typically go against your root.

Sombre:   A more subtle Ombre. In this case you would see less lightness, solid on the ends, and you might even see some lightness brought up around the face or throughout the back, giving a softer look to the Ombre.

Highlight:   Traditional. Lightness in a foil from roots to end to give you an even look all over.

Babylights:   Think back to being a natural blonde haired little kid in the summer. Babylights are fine pieces of the hair typically but not limited to all around the face being lightened to give you that end of the summer brightness that you would get naturally.

All in all your blonde is limitless, as to the technique, or shade of blonde it can all be achieved through a proper consultation between you and your stylist for what best suits you!

Have fun with it and “lighten up”!


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